AC Media Services is a Los Angeles creative digital agency owned and operated by Aviad Cohen.

Since 2009 we’ve been working with established and up and coming entertainment industry professionals to create online experiences for them to present and promote their brand, communicate their services and showcase their work to both industry and fans. We’ve designed over 75 websites to date.

Some of our clients have never had a website before and others have had prior sites that weren’t as reflective of who they are and their accomplishments, with limited content and so they hired us on to do a complete web design makeover.

Website redesigns are a specialty of ours, especially when it comes to clients who have prior Flash based websites that are no longer a viable option in a world where their websites are invisible on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. We develop and design mobile responsive websites that are visible and user friendly on both desktop and laptops as well as mobile phones and tablets.

We offer web design services, yet a whole lot more. Many projects include extensive research, writing, graphic design, photo retouching, video and audio editing and social media.

What makes our company different than other agencies that deliver web designs? When it comes to working with entertainment industry professionals, it helps to work with an agency who understands artists and has experience working in the industry. At AC Media Services, we have that experience.

Aviad Cohen graduated from Hofstra University in 1997 with a BA in Communications (Film and Fine Arts). Aviad was also heavily involved in scoring numerous film and television projects while at university, where he received an award for outstanding music composition. He had the privilege to be a student of electronic music professor, Herbert A. Deutsch who co-invented the Moog Synthesizer with Bob Moog in 1964.

Aviad has a background working in music, film, television, music videos and commercials. He’s worked for tomandandy who provide music composition, production and sound design for commercials and feature films, Warner Bros. Television on sitcoms working with producers, directors and actors, serving as a music video director’s assistant and post production supervisor on projects for major label artists including Christina Aguilera, working on commercial sets for brands including Nissan, assisting a feature film producer and fashion photographers for clients including Nautica, as well as being a songwriter, recording artist, composer, producer, remixer and sound designer, releasing 4 albums and touring both in the USA and overseas.

His experience working in the entertainment industry provides him with an edge as a web designer when it comes to communicating with and understanding his clients, their profession and needs when it comes to their online presence. Simply put, Aviad speaks their language and that is also one of the reasons his clients choose to work with him as they feel comfortable working with a web designer who has a comprehension of their profession.

Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL with his web designer, Aviad Cohen at AC Media Services

Having a background in composing and producing music and in filmmaking helps my clients and I connect when I design their websites for them.

Aviad Cohen
Web Designer at AC Media Services