Discography Collections are a specialty where we do extensive research online to locate and acquire album covers, touch them up, hence restoring them to the best quality and then resize them to one specific size for our clients.

These are great artwork elements to utilize for our clients websites and other promotional purposes they need. Here are some of the clients we’ve provided this service to. Through the years we’ve touched up over 1,500 album covers. We also located and digital restore film and television posters for our clients as well.

Here are some examples of discography collections we’ve worked on for our clients.

Patrick Leonard / Songwriter & Music Producer
(Over 100 album covers restored)

Narada Michael Walden / Songwriter & Music Producer
Whitney Houston Collection (14 album covers restored)

Steve Dorff / Songwriter
(112 album covers restored)

Allan Eshuijs / Songwriter & Music Producer
(Over 93 album covers restored)

Jeanette Olsson / Backing Vocalist
(74 album covers restored)