Steve Dorff

Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Film & TV Composer, Musician, Conductor

Legendary Award-Winning songwriter and producer, Steve Dorff had a website that needed an upgrade. We worked closely with Steve and developed a complete site redesign, expanding on what he currently had at the time. Unlike his prior site, we did extensive research to gather 150 songwriting credits starting from the year 1969 and also locating online music retailers that sell many of these albums digitally and some rare ones only available on vinyl, cassette tape and CD. As for the album covers, this project also included locating, retouching and restoring 112 album covers.

Steve’s site now has the best quality album cover images associated with his songs on the world wide web. We also provided video editing services, putting together 2 video sequences associated with the “Pure Country 2 – The Gift”, motion picture which Steve wrote and produced the songs and soundtrack for. In addition, we compressed and launched 12 videos that Steve provided to us. As for music, his new website is loaded with select music of songs he has written for recording artists, motion pictures and television. We utilized an eCommerce feature where Steve can sell his “Through The Years: The Songs of Steve Dorff” folio, as well as links to his own albums available on iTunes. There is so much more we can share about this massive multimedia venture.


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Aviad Cohen is a master, and as thorough as anyone I have ever worked with. I highly recommend him for any media related, website and graphic design project. He’s the best! I couldn’t be happier with the results! And he’s a super nice guy! Thank you Avi for making me look so good!

Steve Dorff