ac-media-services-project-tom-holkenborg-junkie-xl-thumbnail“Aviad did an amazing job with our website. He was easy to work with, fast, detail oriented and most of all reliable. Highly recommended for a website.” -Michiel Groeneveld (manager) (Junkie XL)

sandy-king-carpenter-client“Aviad at AC Media Services built a new site for my husband, John Carpenter, in record time before a world tour and provided all the extras we needed. John’s site is really getting used by his fans and is really making a difference with the album and ticket sales.” -Sandy King Carpenter (John Carpenter)

phil-tan-client“Aviad Cohen at AC Media Services was patient, offered great insight throughout the website design process, and worked very quickly. I’m very pleased with the outcome. I’ve already recommended him to several people in my circle.” Phil Tan

craig-marks-client“Aviad, thank you for all your amazing work on my new website. You were easy and fun to work with, sensitive to my needs as both artist and client, and brought to the table an abundance of technical creativity and expertise. Plus, you managed to translate my long list of ideas/demands into an easily navigable and effective presentation. I love my new website!” Craig Marks

mairzee-almas-client“Aviad at AC Media Services designed an awesome website for me. He was creative, helpful, thorough, enthusiastic and very, very fast. Lightning fast! I knew very little about website design or about creating an internet presence before engaging Aviad. He took care of everything and helped educate me as well. Aviad is incredibly knowledgeable about web design and helped me target my website to the people I wanted. His work and the end result far surpassed my expectations. I highly, highly recommend Aviad and his services.” Mairzee Almas

grant-kirkhope-client“Aviad at AC Media Services is super quick, super smart and super creative. He was full of ideas and was willing to try anything that I suggested regarding my website redesign. He handled everything from start to finish, from initial design, to all the dealings with my ISP and all the bits in between. Thanks for all your hard work Aviad. I love my new website!” Grant Kirkhope

josh-kramon-client“Aviad Cohen is an absolute pro! My site came out looking amazing and the process was seamless. His vast knowledge of web design was apparent at every step of the way and the speed at which he worked was unbelievable. Every time I wanted to look into something to add to the site he knew exactly what to do right on the spot. He’s by far the best web designer I’ve ever worked with and would recommend Aviad to anyone looking to have him build an awesome website.” Josh Kramon

erran-baron-cohen-client“Thank you Aviad Cohen for your outstanding professional work redesigning my website. Great care and attention was given to every detail of the redesign and the new updated website exceeded my expectations in every department. Thank you! Also your follow up care is exemplary!” Erran Baron Cohen

stephen-becker-client“Many thanks! Aviad at AC Media Services deserves the highest recommendation. He designed a beautiful website for me that far exceeded my expectations and he was truly great to work with. Not only is Aviad a consummate pro with an incredible work ethic who makes things happen and gets things done rapidly and flawlessly, but he is a great listener who helps you develop and realize your vision. He has a keen sense of how to present information effectively and elegantly. On top of that, he’s a great guy with a genuine enthusiasm for the content. Very pleased to have him in my corner.” Stephen Becker

Giorgio Moroder“Dear Aviad, Thank you for doing such a great job on Giorgio’s website. It looks really good and exactly how we envisioned it. Giorgio is also happy and excited it was done in time for the launch of his album and overall ready for 2015! Thank you again from Giorgio, myself and Red Light Management.” -Francisca Moroder (Giorgio Moroder)

rosanna-arquette-client“Aviad at AC Media Services is the best. He has put together my body of work in such a cohesive way. I highly recommend Aviad for anyone wanting to hire him to design their website. I’ve never had a website before and am really happy that I have one now!” Rosanna Arquette

olivia-dabo-client“Aviad Cohen at AC Media Services is nothing short of an anomaly. In a world filled with website designers that come and go and are mostly replaceable….mark my words he is not. Aviad’s enthusiasm and passion for what he does goes above and beyond the call of duty because he’s truly invested in helping his clients continue to build their careers.

A masterful technician, an artist in his own right, Aviad has an innate gift for designing something uniquely intrinsic to match the tone and style of each individual client he decides to works with. I was starting to question the point of having a website altogether, as it was becoming challenging for me to find the right person who was both clever and assertive enough to clearly present all that I do as an artist. I needed a website that was accessible without seeming cluttered. When Aviad reached out to me about working together, my faith was restored.

I am proud and thankful to have such an impressive, cohesive website that’s been custom made for who I am and what I do. It’s helped my business revenue and has an added personal touch for fans who want to catch up on my latest projects or be reminded of work they’ve followed fondly in my career. The end result for me from working with Aviad has been fun, fresh, classy and modern. The updates he works on only continue to grow with new and innovative perks. Needless to say it’s been a gift and is one of the jewels in my life that keeps me inspired and excited to keep creating and doing what I do!” Olivia d’Abo

windy-wagner-client-ac-media-services“Okay, so this guy contacts me out of nowhere and says “your website is not representative of your accomplishments”…let me help you. Working with Aviad was one of the most wonderful experiences. He was a “Ferrari”, working diligently to get every detail right! He went way above and beyond my expectations and never stopped until it was perfect. His creative ideas and organizational skills are impeccable.

My website is very informative, but not overwhelming. The design and layout is brilliant. I now have the coolest website I could ever imagine having! Aviad is an angel and light in my career for sure. Thank you Avi, from the bottom of my heart. There are not many people like you, this I know. If anyone is looking for an angel on this earth to help you with a website design, contact Aviad Cohen at AC Media Services.” Windy Wagner

“As a professional in the music industry, I deal with high expectations and deadlines on a daily basis and understand the pressures that come along with that. I know that I am dealing with people’s art and how crucial it is to get it all, just right. This time I was in need of a pro that could help me with my art, in this case a website for my business. I have had the privilege of Aviad’s friendship as well as the opportunity to work on music albums with him and have seen his incredible work ethic and attention to detail.

When it came to my need for a website, Aviad’s professionalism, work ethic, expertise, perfectionism and all around caring attitude was evident from the start. My experience with Aviad is nothing short of stellar. As soon as we made a decision to work together on my site, Aviad went into immediate action assessing my every need and clearly communicating to me the entire process to make it all happen in a big way. I have never experienced working with someone with such drive and complete focus and attention to detail like Aviad at AC Media Services.

He established a place for my work to be seen by the world. Websites are the forefront in any artists’ ability for exposure and advertising. If you or anyone you know is in need of a website designer, then Aviad Cohen at AC Media Services is your man.” Dave Goetter

linda-prive-34343“From the moment I connected with Aviad, he left no stone unturned to answer all my questions and spent adequate quality time walking me through the entire process of putting a website together. He is on the ball around the clock and put his whole soul into achieving my desired results. Not only did he create a professional and beautiful website for me, his passion for entertainment made it very simple to communicate my needs without any technical jargon. I left him with creative freedom due to the trust that was built up through initial discussions and he did not disappoint. He is truly unique in the web design world and I’m so thankful that I came across him.” –Linda Privé

steve-dorff-client“Aviad Cohen is a master, and as thorough as anyone I have ever worked with. I highly recommend him for any media related, website and graphic design project. He’s the best! I couldn’t be happier with the results! And he’s a super nice guy! Thank you Avi for making me look so good!” Steve Dorff

mitch-mccarthy-client“Working with Aviad was very easy and stress free. I was impressed with his vast knowledge on website design and his attention to detail. He actually took the time to listen to how I wanted things done, but still provided his own creative eye on what he thought would work best. After we spoke on the phone within a day he had a completed draft for me to review. Aviad even went the extra mile to show me how to update my website on my own. I would recommend AC Media Services to anyone who is looking to take their website to the next level. I’m a fan of Aviad!” Mitch McCarthy

bernard-rose-client“Aviad Cohen built me a fantastic, original and superbly functional website that encompassed my entire career and had fantastic amounts of very high quality streaming media that he obtained and in certain circumstances restored so that it looked good and worked really well. I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a website designer.” Bernard Rose

shawn-michael-howard-client“Aviad Cohen at AC Media Services collected media from 20 years of my film and television work, and edited, designed, and labored for hours, often through the night, in order to release my new actor’s website in a timely fashion. He came referred to me by very respected Hollywood industry professionals. They said he was the best…now I know why. I could not be more satisfied. This guy is amazing! Thank you very much Aviad!” Shawn Michael Howard

sammy-merendino-client“Aviad Cohen is truly a pleasure to work with. I needed my site up in a relatively short amount of time and Aviad made it happen. He is extremely creative and accommodating. I am very pleased with the results and I highly recommend him.” Sammy Merendino

michael-raynor-client“Thank you Aviad! You created the most amazing website I could ever imagine with all the detailed work you did! I will recommend your work to anyone and everyone! Just like you told me, everything- text, videos, pictures under one roof! Great work!”Michael Raynor

adam-michaelson-client“I am so happy with the customized website Aviad Cohen at AC Media Services created for me. His attention to detail is second to none, and throughout the process, he made me feel like a very important client. I’d recommend him to any musician or artist looking to raise their game on their website.” Adam Michaelson

conrad-dimanche-client“The site came out pretty dope. It looks more professional than what I had before and with a lot more info.” Conrad Dimanche

client-songs-etc-500“Aviad Cohen at AC Media Services really went above and beyond to understand my company and design a website to match our needs. I couldn’t be happier with the final product.” -John Scott, Songs, etc.