Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL, is a Grammy nominated and multi platinum producer, musician, and composer whose versatility puts him on the cutting edge of contemporary music, as well as in the vanguard of exciting new film composers. His current primary work is as a film composer for The Dark Tower, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (co-composing with Hans Zimmer), Deadpool, Black Mass, Mad Max: Fury Road, 300: Rise of an Empire, Divergent, as well as providing additional music for The Amazing Spiderman 3, Man of Steel, Dark Knight Rises and Inception.


Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL’s prior website was more based around his work as a recording artist, music producer and dance remixer and hardly included any content regarding his more current endeavors as an accomplished film composer. The website did not showcase any of his film work, it contained errors in coding, was not mobile responsive, provided very limited content and he was ready for a website redesign.

Amos Newman, Tom’s agent at William Morris Endeavor introduced us to Tom’s manager, Michiel Groeneveld. At that point, the films Tom scored, “Run All Night” and the summer blockbuster “Mad Max: Fury Road” were about to premiere in movie theaters.

We discussed Tom’s brand and the goals of the website with Michiel. Tom also has a social media online presence, so the website we were about to embark on for Tom would need to be informative and be a true representation of him and his work to both industry decision makers and his long time and new fans.


Tom’s website needed to be innovative and cutting edge, a reflection of his talent and accomplishments. The mobile responsive website we redesigned for Tom is one of the most informative, engaging and user friendly online experiences that a film composer can have.

There was a lot of research and curating involved in this project. We showcased his featured film scoring projects utilizing a parallax functionality, creating an almost three dimensional experience where there is a background image from the film and on top of that layer are the soundtrack album covers, movie posters, music players, credits, tracklists with links to purchase his scores on iTunes and Amazon, links to the films on IMDB, making of the score videos, film trailers, links to articles, at times photo galleries from behind the scenes and Facebook and Twitter sharing options for each project.

Tom’s studio albums each have their own page with various media content. Videos are embedded displaying the commercials he has scored. An up to date news blog is utilized for press releases and news articles. A press photos section with high res download images was implemented to enable his agent, manager and pr team to provide press publications with ready to download images to utilize for articles.

We also showcased Tom’s featured video game composition projects, added video interviews, live performance photos and videos, a contact page with Tom’s management and agent information and also implemented social media icons and links.

Tom also has an online video series “Studio Time with Junkie XL” via YouTube. We created a page to present video tutorial details and YouTube video embedding.

The many musical facets of Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL now reside on his new forward thinking official website that provides an online experience that serves as an authority for anything and everything related to him and his work. Instead of industry and fans surfing the web to look for various information about Tom and his work, be it at IMDB, Wikipedia, websites, blogs, the website we designed for him provides people with accurate information they need to know about Tom, what he’s accomplished and what he is working on.

When press publications write about Tom and link to his website and when people visit his social network sites, they click the link to Tom’s website and access organized content, explore his artistry and really get to know him, his eclectic sound and look forward to returning to his website to find out the latest happenings of this highly talented and in-demand composer.




Aviad did an amazing job with our website. He was easy to work with, fast, detail oriented and most of all reliable. Highly recommended for a website.

Michiel GroeneveldManager

Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL with his web designer, Aviad Cohen at AC Media Services