“Aviad Cohen is a master, and as thorough as anyone I have ever worked with."


“Aviad is the best. He has put together my body of work in such a cohesive way."


"In a world filled with website designers that come and go
and are mostly replaceable….mark my words Aviad is not."

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Hi, I’m Aviad Cohen. Thank you for visiting my website. I’m a Los Angeles based web designer specializing in creating unique online experiences for artists in the entertainment industry to present their work to both industry and fans. Are you a songwriter, producer, musician, actor, filmmaker or provide another specific service to the industry? I can develop and design a visually appealing, informative, user friendly website for you to communicate your services and showcase your talents and work.

Aside from industry decision makers, future collaborators and perspective clients looking you up on Wikipedia, IMDB and social media, it’s effective to have an official website to direct them to or that they can discover where they can view your work – all in one place. They’ll spend less time surfing the web trying to find specific info about you and your work and instead will utilize that same amount of time to actually view your work that’s nicely presented on your website where they can also contact you and/or your rep. If you’ve never had a website before or do have a website, yet are looking for a brand new look, better functionality and improved method to present yourself and what you do, I can make it happen for you.

Check out my portfolio and contact me to set up a time to speak on the phone and/or meet up in person in Los Angeles to discuss your project. Looking forward to working you!


Global Online Presence

You’ve worked hard on refining your craft and creating great work! I’ll develop an online platform where you can display who you are, what you do and how you contribute to the arts and entertainment industry.

Website Design

I specialize in designing websites for celebrities, actors, film and tv directors, producers, songwriters, composers, music producers, musicians and recording artists.

Graphic Design

From custom designed websites to photo-retouching, restoring album covers and movie posters, creating social network eye candy, I work in Adobe Photoshop to design and deliver graphics that pop.

Video Editing

Your work comes alive on the screen and with Adobe Premiere, I edit together your favorite scenes. Eye-catching showreels, video enhancements and more.

Mobile Friendly

The industry is ‘on the go’ and you have your work to show. I develop websites that appease both desktops and laptops as well as smart phones and tablets.

Highly Rated Personalized Service

Check out what my clients have to say here.

Websites Designed
Videos Edited
Album Covers Restored
Movie Posters Restored


olivia dabo website HOME, AC Media Services Web Design

Olivia d’Abo
Actor, Voice Over Artist, Songwriter

shawn patterson website HOME, AC Media Services Web Design

Shawn Patterson
Composer, Songwriter, Producer

windy wagner website HOME, AC Media Services Web Design

Windy Wagner
Session Vocalist, Songwriter, Vocal Contractor

mairzee almas website HOME, AC Media Services Web Design

Mairzee Almas
Episodic Television Director

Client Testimonial

windy wagner testimonial HOME, AC Media Services Web Design

“Okay, so this guy contacts me out of nowhere and says “your website is not representative of your accomplishments”…let me help you. Working with Aviad was one of the most wonderful experiences. He was a “Ferrari”, working diligently to get every detail right! He went way above and beyond my expectations and never stopped until it was perfect. His creative ideas and organizational skills are impeccable. My website is very informative, but not overwhelming. The design and layout is brilliant. I now have the coolest website I could ever imagine having! Aviad is an angel and light in my career for sure. Thank you Avi, from the bottom of my heart. There are not many people like you, this I know. If anyone is looking for an angel on this earth to help you with a website design, contact Aviad Cohen at AC Media Services.” -Windy Wagner / Session Vocalist, Vocal Arranger, Songwriter & Vocal Contractor

Music Video Directing

Artist: Windy Wagner
Song: Me And You
Music Video Director: Aviad Cohen